About Us

CTU Traingin solutions it trainingCTU Training Solutions was established in 1987 and we specialise in skills development training across various fields in the ICT Industry. CTU Training Solutions has a proud record of developing thousands of ICT Professionals through the Corporate and Career divisions. We introduced CTU Recruits in 2011 to enhance our service levels and provide total HRD solutions to companies. This unique offering of services provides quality solutions in the development of human capital in the ICT sector. CTU manages the process of skills development and introduction of entry level ICT professionals through our HRD interventions.

CTU’s unique approach

CTU is unique in its approach to the development of ICT Professionals by its commitment to International Certification. By placing great value on certification we ensure that the industry requirements for skills development are met every time! We marry this approach with national qualifications and outstanding ICT professionals, developing South Africa’s ICT sector. Through CTU Recruits and our Corporate Division, it is our mission to bring ICT professionals and companies together.

We believe that companies should have a proper skills development plan to optimise the technologies that are deployed, systematically developing employees to address the skills gap in ICT. This is the only way to achieve empowered human capital.